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Nigi-mitama (和御霊・和御魂, harmonious soul)

In Japanese folklore, “kodama” are spirits who inhabit trees. They usually live in the forest.

Here, nigi-mitama (the harmonious soul aspects of the spirits) have shapeshifted into female shamans -evoking Shinto rituals- who look like Pleiadians, or beings from “Subaru”, which means “Pleiades” or “harmonious group” in Japanese.

As an artist, and for my own mental health, it is important to me to explore and access the unconscious, particularly through painting and psychedelics, inspired by the studies and experiences of Terence McKenna.

Rituals are key to personally transform and heal our body and spirit by helping us access other dimensions, perceive and accept what is otherwise not available to us, thus helping us understand our place in the grand scheme of things, in nature, in life as part of a whole, by navigating both the micro- and macrocosm.

This painting celebrates consciousness, the feminine, female energy, the female body and the sisterhood of women circles.


Oil on deep-edge wooden board (24 cm x 30 cm x 5 cm).



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